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song of helmet and bow by breath-art song of helmet and bow by breath-art

After the catastrophe of the Fifth Battle, the Nírnaeth Arnoediad, the boy Túrin is sent to Doriath for protection from Morgoth's special enmity for the House of Húrin. Beleg becomes the mentor, steadfast friend and brother-in-arms of Túrin Turambar. The two fight together in defending the north marches of Doriath from the Orcs of Morgoth. When Túrin is accused of murder, Beleg searches out and produces at the last moment a witness who can testify to extenuating circumstances. When Túrin pridefully leaves Doriath after the affair, Beleg receives permission from Thingol to follow him into exile and is granted the sword Anglachel to help in this endeavour. Beleg long seeks Túrin. At Amon Rûdh he is captured and tortured by Túrin's men, until Túrin returns and releases him. Although Beleg beseeches Túrin to return to Doriath, where he has been pardoned and would be welcomed, Túrin still pridefully refuses and Beleg loyally chooses to stay with Túrin. Together, with Túrin wearing the Dragon-helm of Dor-lómin, they lead a band of men against the invaders of Morgoth. The land where the "Two Captains" dwell becomes known as the Land of Helm and Bow, but the small realm was destroyed two years later.

When Túrin is captured by Morgoth in a treacherous ambush, Beleg is grievously wounded. Yet with the strength of a great Elven warrior and his extraordinary healing skills, he recovers swiftly and tracks the Orcs. In the deadly land of Taur-nu-Fuin Beleg meets the elf Gwindor, recently escaped from Morgoth's thraldom, and together they rescue Túrin, with Beleg performing an heroic feat ofbowmanship, slaying numerous wolf sentinels in the dark. After they carry Túrin from the Orc-camp, while removing Túrin's bonds, Beleg accidentally cut Túrin with his sword. Túrin awakes and does not recognize Beleg in the darkness, mistaking the shape over him with a blade as an Orc. In a sudden rage of self-defence, he wrests the sword from Beleg and kills him. When he recognizes the truth of his friend's loyalty and bravery and his own fatal mistake, Túrin is so overcome with grief that he walks in a daze for weeks, being led out of danger by Gwindor. After returning to himself, Túrin takes Beleg's sword Anglachel, renaming it Gurthang ("Iron of Death"), and wields it in further battles against Morgoth's forces for the rest of his life. Years later, Túrin himself dies upon the sword Gurthang when his tragic life becomes too hard to bear, and the sword is thus avenged for the death of Beleg.[4]

After a time in grief and in honour of his friend, Túrin made and sang the Laer Cú Beleg, the Song of the Great Bow.

fate of turin continue in Turin and fall of Nargothrond by breathing2004

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MaUPaC1991 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015
my god these are awesome, I love son of Hurin, do you have one of the dunedain?
HorseCookies Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohmygoodness!!!!! :omg: Your composition skills are some of the most amazing I've ever seen! :faint:

Love this!!! :D
ErelasInglor Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015

Out of curiousity, if Túrin is the one portrayed on the left, why is his sword not black?  
EskarArt Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
very beautiful, looks like a interesting mash up between religious mosaic and western anime! 
MoonShoneClear Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
Ahh The right side of the picture is so heartbreaking! No~~
Jacob-Cross Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
Oh wow
Aglargon Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Guy you are unique! Spetacular!
intervil Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
Nortstar Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
wow it is really amanzig ^^
DarkLordRinku Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Totally awesome. Love the emotion behind this piece
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