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open a new gallary shop in InPrnt site.…

maybe more convenient  for you t0 buy.
the new postcard collection of Hobbits:<adventure with Baggins> is now on sale in my TaoBao shop.
if you are live in China(mainland) ,Taiwan,Hongkong or any where can use Alipay,you can get these beautiful postcard set as your holiday gift!
and also the good sell stuff <back to the Middle Earth>postcard collection is have a new looking on sell too!!
4a46cd93gw1ebevds21oqj20ku34whdt by breathing2004

4a46cd93gw1ebevdjksnxj20ku2tqe81 by breathing2004

a good news!the large copy printed in silk-canvas are in selling in leewiart site.
if you want know more,you can click…
every artwork only be 30 copies,you will get a "xx/30" number and my signature in canvas

if you can not use TaoBao online shop,you may contact with Mr. Steve Yuan with
  by breathing2004

T2HdWzXkhcXXXXXXXX !!44860672 by breathing2004
I am glad to announce the series of my LOTR stainglass art postcard is on sale in TaoBao shop
you can click the link below to buy.if you are in china you will be free mail if you buy more than 5 sets.
after so many time I found time to redraw the <welcome from Lothlorien>, for the old version was partly did for a commission.
so i manst make it non-sell for a long time.
when it is the chinese spring festival,I spare time to redraw it!
welcome from Lothlorien,new version by breathing2004
hope you like it.
a friend told me that my LOTR artworks are sold in ebay…
and I only sell my art in DA now,that maybe this guy bought my art and resell in ebay.
hope friends notice the information.

and thanks
ok,it will be happy to get this honor~~
a three weeks with my personal fanart show in Blizzard offical fanart site.
thanks Nebu for giving me the chance to show more art about the WoW.
here is the…
first I am not a fulltime artist,painting is just my favorite.
so I will not put all my sparetime in painting.
but I think to paint some commission is interesting thing in my life,and before this I have did several commissions in 2 years.
i have did 2-3 card game's card arts and some story background.
and every pic I finished in 2-3weeks,it seems not too quick.
also some Co. bought my personal works for their games too.
if you need some commissions and you can tell me.

below is some thing I did for commissions:
Lord Christoff Dargeroth by breathing2004Rhapsode male by breathing2004pathfinder1 by breathing2004Pegasus by breathing2004
trickster boy by breathing2004archmage male by breathing2004kensei male by breathing2004kensei female by breathing2004
pathfinder1 by breathing2004mother by breathing2004Teran and Mither o' Sea by breathing2004
and more have not permitted to show here~~

for price I normally  take $150~250 for each one.
goodbye 2011
happy every day to you all~

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some friend tell me my stain-glass style painting about WoW has been mentioned in a famous game…
"The World of Warcraft fan art of Chinese artist Jian Guo lies somewhere between medieval storybook art and stained glass window, telling visual stories of Warcraft lore in gorgeous, highly-detailed works.

Below is Guo's "Fall of Arthas," one of a handful of lovely art pieces inspired by World of Warcraft. Other must-see storybook murals from Guo include "Blood Sunset," "Journey of Faith" and "Ancient Wars."

Prints are available for each, but even if you don't feel like spending, check out the rest of Guo's World of Warcraft fan art at deviantArt, along with plenty of StarCraft and Fallout inspired stuff."
                                                                                                                                                           -------Michael McWhertor

and these kind style paintings are new style for me to trying,but I think the storys in the paintings are great so many people like to watch them,i just make the story more funny.
hope you keep on watch my works,thanks very much.

here is the series I have done:
fall of Arthas by breathing2004 crash of empire by breathing2004 blood sunset by breathing2004 journey of faith by breathing2004
abd some more about LOTR in same style~~
Rest in Gildor's forest by breathing2004 birthday party of Baggins by breathing2004
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I learn to agjust my works into print~~~finally
and add 2 new print to shop~~
chinese opera by breathing2004
Rest in Gildor's forest by breathing2004
the 1st work I saw many wishs ro buy,hope it is not too long to wait~~

thanks everyone~~
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I do not know how to updated the print version of my Deviant artworks.
I edited the arwork with new version,but the print pages desn't show the new version of the updated one.
it still the old copy and size is old too!!!

I think I should upgrade to platinum class mumber,and I did it,but it still no way to adjust my print!!
anyone tell me the solution~~~please~~

(I am a nuts I feel now)
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ok,friends I finished update the full version of the <journey of faith> and < Ancient Wars>.
and i cut the border around the artwork.hope it will be clear to show themselves.
the link is below or search in my DA gallary by youself~~~…

thanks so much for your commets to let me know how to adjust the works~~
love you~~

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the those old men in this picture!
so cool,so powerful and kill person in a musical tunes~~~

the scene of Bruce Willis getting off a moving car and shooting the CIA agent is most stunning!!
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It is a great visual effect. but weakness is the story and logic of worldview, nevertheless love the light behind the moto and is so cool!
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